Carolina Precision Consulting provides agronomic and organic certification services to farms and businesses to make the best use of their time and inputs. Our field service team provides keen eyes in the field and boots on the ground to monitor crop and soil conditions. Our certification consulting team gives experienced guidance to achieve organic and GAP certification.

Organic Certification

Organic Certification Services NC - USDA Organic label We provide first time organic certification services and annual renewals. Everything from handling the paperwork, to comprehensive farm planning, to marketing and inputs, we have experience with farm, handler, and processor certifications. CPC serves clients primarily in the Southeast U.S.

Food Safety Certifications

No matter which food safety program you want to become certified in, Carolina Precision Consulting can help your company meet those specific requirements. Each operation we work with is unique and is treated as such. We understand that certifications are crucial for the success of your company. We get to know you and cater to what works best for your business.

USDA GAP including Harmonized and Harmonized Plus
Primus GFS
HACCP – (we are certified by International HACCP Alliance)

Tobacco GAP Connections audit preparation

Our team can help you get organized and be ready.