Organic Certification Services NC - Field zone soil samplingNutrient Management: Specializing in Zone Soil Sampling!

NC has great variability in soil types and drainage. We use grower input, historical photography, and in field observations to delineate management and soil sampling zones.

Fertility recommendations are customized by crop and per grower preferences. Variable rate recommendations can be sent to the custom applicator of the grower’s choice.

Nematode Sampling

This is also performed by management zones; nematode presence and numbers are strongly related to soil type and texture. This service can greatly improve your efficiency by targeting fumigation, resistant varieties and nematicides to only those zones that need it. This can be a huge savings to your farm!

Growers particularly benefit from multiyear nematode data that we keep. We look at trends in nematode populations in each zone to assess risk to the crop and decide if and how to treat. CPC has a one of a kind online GIS system that our clients can access to quickly view their nematode data and relative risks by crop.

Plant Tissue Sampling

CPC offers as needed and season-long tissue sampling for all crops.

Organic Certification Services NC - cotton scouting - cotton podScouting/Pest Management

Scouting services are available for all major field crops grown in our area. Tobacco, peanuts and vegetables are our specialties; however we also check small grains and other crops as requested. Full season, partial season and ‘CROP 911’ special problem solving are available. In field services include checking for insects, disease, plant growth regulators/sucker control, weeds, defoliation. Written findings and control recommendations are provided for all scouting. Disease sampling is performed as needed to troubleshoot issues.

Our detailed records provide growers with the required documentation for GAP audits and insurance.

Mapping and GIS

Organic Certification Services NC - GIS mapping - arial mapCarolina Precision performs all mapping and variable rate fertility recommendations in house. We use the most up to date photography available as well as DGPS to map field boundaries. Growers have anytime access to their information and maps digitally. We offer land measurement services for all crops.

Other custom services

• Peanut pod blasting
• Fumigant management plans
• Product and variety evaluations/demonstrations
• Tobacco GAP Connections audit preparation
• Irrigation monitoring through the use of Irrometers
• Nitrogen monitoring using SPAD502 meters